Lonely piano nights

The past few days almost every night is a lonely piano night, in that I always begin with Liszt’s La Campanella and finish with Mozart’s Für Elise, if and when I stay awake long enough. The playlist’s an hour and twenty-seven minutes long, sometimes I fall asleep even before the Five Fingers theme comes up.

There are certain favorites in between those two songs: Chopin’s Butterfly Etude, Black KeysWaltz in C# Minor and Waltz in B Minor, and Beethoven’s Rage Over a Lost Penny and Moonlight Sonata, among others.

I love how the piano calms me down, somehow. I think it’s the Waltz in C# Minor that goes like a heartbeat in the first few notes; it’s very calming.

I love how the keys can make so many different sounds, not just depending on what note they are but also on how the pianist touches the keys.

I love how in the last part of La Campanella it sounds like duelling pianists even though there are only two hands playing on the keyboard.

I love how pieces are called etudes and nocturnes and waltzes.

I wish I could play the piano, too. So that I could make these sounds that I love.

You wake me up, before you go go

It’s 3:11AM and sleep hasn’t found its way to me.

Currently playing is Beethoven’s Rage Over a Lost Penny, after it finishes some Five Fingers instrumentals will play; by then probably I’ll be done typing this and will be switching the song to Parov Stelar’s Dandy while trying to get myself to sleep.

I should probably turn the computer off every night from now on and not look for sleep music. Even though music helps make me fall asleep, the presence of the computer screen tempts me to watch The Return of Superman, until the episode that Chae Si Ra-ssi no longer narrates.

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Black Keys

Sharps and flats are what they are, but someone (I think the guy’s Chopin) managed to make an etude out of them.

I have no idea if it’s legit, that all the keys in that etude are black keys, but whatever, it sounds impressive, the piece is impressive. At least to me; you’re welcome to disagree if you like.

I wish life were like that though. I wish we could make symphonies and sonatines and nocturnes and waltzes out of the sharp and flat instances of life.

I know it’s not a perfect comparison but that’s how I see it - if such a beautiful sound can come from sharps and flats, why not in life too?

Tu me manques, Maman

Tu me manques is French for I miss you, but they say it can be literally translated to you are missing from me

Recent Googling has shown that the Korean expression for I miss you, which is 보고 싶어 (I have no idea how Hangul works but they say it’s read as bogosipo), literally means I want to see you.

And both expressions are how I feel right now.

Tu me manques, Maman. 보고 싶어요.