Black Keys

Sharps and flats are what they are, but someone (I think the guy’s Chopin) managed to make an etude out of them.

I have no idea if it’s legit, that all the keys in that etude are black keys, but whatever, it sounds impressive, the piece is impressive. At least to me; you’re welcome to disagree if you like.

I wish life were like that though. I wish we could make symphonies and sonatines and nocturnes and waltzes out of the sharp and flat instances of life.

I know it’s not a perfect comparison but that’s how I see it - if such a beautiful sound can come from sharps and flats, why not in life too?

Tu me manques, Maman

Tu me manques is French for I miss you, but they say it can be literally translated to you are missing from me

Recent Googling has shown that the Korean expression for I miss you, which is 보고 싶어 (I have no idea how Hangul works but they say it’s read as bogosipo), literally means I want to see you.

And both expressions are how I feel right now.

Tu me manques, Maman. 보고 싶어요.

The ghost of Christmas Past

The past never fails in haunting people.

I’m no exemption.

I know that there are necessary conditions for the three ghosts to visit a person but apparently for me they visit separately. The ghost of Christmas Present rarely ever revisits, probably because it’s too busy living in the moment. The ghost of Christmas Yet To Come would, but it’s ever-changing, ever-moving, hence it cannot really go and play.

But the ghost of Christmas Past is always so ready to haunt a person.

One smile, one meeting, one gesture, and you are taken back to the closest memory you have of it.

I wish you would stop haunting me.

I wish you could just live in the past.

I wish I could let you go already.

To see the stars

The stars lean down to kiss you

Twenty-somethingth of May was spent near the beach. Few buildings were there, hence fewer artificial lights. The stars glittered - yes, the stars do glitter - very brightly in the sky; even as we walked the dark pathway towards the small shack, it seemed as if the stars illuminated our very path.

And I lie awake and miss you

Travel does my soul good. I see beautiful things one normally doesn’t see - the sea, the sand, the stars, the rock, nature. 

Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

I arrived empty but all the beauty filled me. Nature has a way of filling voids and soothing lost souls; when you are immersed in it, however unlike your normal conditions the situation is, you feel full, fulfilled, alive.

I arrived empty, was filled, but once I left I became empty again.

I’d send a postcard to you dear, because I wish you were here

[italics from Owl City’s Vanilla Twilight]